Federación Latino Americana de Quiropráctica


About the Country

  • Population: 3,9 Million
  • Capital City: San Juan
  • Time difference: -4 hours GMT
  • Language: Spanish, English

Puerto Rico is the fodder of many a Caribbean  daydream for good reason: this natural jewel box can satisfy the lethargic beach bum, the sunrise rainforest explorer and the budding big-wave surfer – all in a long weekend.

Its coral reefs host a riot of tropical fish, its limestone caves in the misty central mountains resound with the chirp of coquí frogs, and its unique collection of forests – some of the wettest and driest in the Caribbean – harbor some of the rarest birds in the world.

Those curious enough to look beyond the borders of San Juan's condo developments and congested highways reap big rewards from the vibrant culture of this island. You'll get a whiff of it in the tempting smoke from a roasting pig that rises from a roadside lechonera (eatery specializing in suckling pig).

Don't be put off by the fast-food chains or unsightly trappings of modern mainland America – Puerto Rican traditions have been shaped by generations of cultural synthesis, celebration and setback, and it emerges today as distinct, spirited and indomitable…if you're willing to look for it.

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