Federación Latino Americana de Quiropráctica

FLAQ's History

The Latin American Federation of Chiropractic (FLAQ) was formed in March 23, 1988 in Mexico City as a Civil Association of Professionals having as its leader Dr Enrique Benet Canut. Members were individual chiropractors from Mexico, Venezuela, Ecuador, Guatemala, and Colombia. Dr Enrique Benet-Canut was the first president. In 1994 FLAQ helped to host the WFC's Council Meeting in Mexico.

In 2005, after a wide consultation amongst the Latin American Chiropractic Associations, the decision made was for FLAQ to represent only Chiropractic Associations. This would revive FLAQ and make it more functional. This decision had a very positive result.

In February 2006, FLAQ held its first official meeting in Panama City with the presence of the following countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Panama, Peru, and as observers Guatemala and Colombia.

An Executive Council was elected in interim form - Dr Enrique Benet Canut of Mexico as President; Dr Alfredo Orillac of Panama, Vice-president, Dr Raúl Cadagan of Argentina, Secretary and Dr Carlos Ayres of Peru, Treasurer. Dr Sira Borges was appointed Executive Director. The Council’s objectives were to restructure the Federation and revise the By-laws.

In October 2006, FLAQ’s second official meeting was heldin Cancun, Mexico with the presence of Mexico, Panama, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Venezuela and Brazil. The purpose of the meeting was to revise, amend, modify and discuss the By-laws among other things.

In February of 2007, the third official meeting was again held in Panama City. The first election of the new Executive Council took place and the revised By-laws was approved.

In May 2007, the new Executive Council had its first meeting at Vilamoura, Portugal.

FLAQ’s voting members are national associations of chiropractors in 10 countries. It receives much support from the World Federation of Chiropractic, chiropractic institutions such as Parker University, and those in Brazil, Mexico and Chile.

Events and Seminars:

2006 1st Official Meeting, Panama City
2006 2nd Official Meeting, Cancun, Mexico
2007 3rd Official Meeting, Panama City
2007 1st Executive Meeting, Vilamoura, Portugal
2008 1st Regional Seminar and Assembly, Cordoba, Argentina
2009 1st Education Forum and Assembly, Sao Paulo, Brazil
2009 2nd Regional Seminar. Santiago de Chile
2010 3rd Regional Seminar, 2nd Education Forum and Assembly, Mexico City
2011 Regional Symposium and Assembly, Lima, Peru
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